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Washington Winnona Images was founded on the legacy of Winonna F. Smith born on a farm during the great depression era in Washington, Pennsylvania. A coal miner’s daughter who could vividly recall eating dandelions for dinner, Winnona would go on to lead a life as a entrepreneur, acclaimed massage therapist, modeling for Essence Magazine, mother-grandmother-great grandmother and community activist. Washington Winnona Images seeks to follow in the legacy and vision for a safer and better world that Ms. Smith herself strove to achieve having loss her only son to gun violence in Atlanta, Georgia in 1986.

Ms. Smith, once a professional photographer herself closed her massage practice and retired to York, Pennsylvania in 1992 from New York City and purchased a house in order to be close to supporting family during the U.S. era of violence and mass incarceration of black youth and men.  While in her late 80’s, Winnona was awarded the 2012 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Award for Citizen Volunteer Services in support of Community Crime Prevention. Ms. Winnona Smith was a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church where she served on the church missionary ministry. In addition, Ms. Winnona worked as volunteer at the Crispus Attucks Center, as a block captain & leader, enjoyed sharing flowers and vegetables from her garden with friends and family but most importantly provided arms for hugs, and hear for listening and a plate to keep you fed.

“I always figured you learn everything because you never know when you’re going to need it, if somebody’s trying to teach you something take advantage of it!”

-Winnona F. Smith
December 3, 1921  – March 25, 2017